Things to remenber for cinematography

31 Jan 2016

1.    The Importance of Mastering the Art of Producing – Learning the skill of producing will take your further than any other skill as a filmmaker.
2.    Finishing/Shipping is More Important Than Achieving Perfection – There will always be something to fix, edit, correct. Just get your project done!
3.    Embracing/Working Around Obstacles – Don’t spend all your time on moving a single bolder. Get a ladder and move on.
4.    Know Your Motivation – Everything you do, buy, spend time on, should serve your goals or motivations as a filmmaker.
5.    What Got You Here Will Not Get You There – If you want to keep growing as a filmmaker you’ve got to keep moving.
6.    Be Comfortable and Honest About Who You Are and What You Do – I’m not a DP or Director. I am a content creator and camera operator. And that is ok!
7.    Find What You Love to Do and Do It! – I feel I was made to make videos. So I stop doing blog posts and news!

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